About Shirodhara


Shirodhara was an amazing experience. I felt so relaxed and calm. Thank you Andhrika for this wonderful service! 

Lakshmi Gunuru


I was eating wrong foods throughout my life. It deranged my Vata and I could not sleep well.  Andhrika Kondeti helped me to balance my vata and sleep better. Regular Ayurvedic massages and Shirodhara improved the quality of my sleep.

Sandhya Kiran

About Massage Therapy

I had severe neck pain and Andhrika helped me to get rid of it without any medicine. It was amazing! I highly recommend her Massage Therapies. 


Keerthi Varun

The massage therapy I receive from Andhrika has been healing both physically and mentally. I feel cleansed and renewed from the firm, respectful, pressure. My skin is soothed by the generous application of warm, scented oils. Andhrika brings enormous professional  skill to her massages and seems to intuit my body's particular  need each time. The pressure point work is amazing.

Nancy Chaplin




I would like to thank you for the quieting, soothing, health-enhancing facial and foot massage on the energy points.  Your knowledge of ayurveda elevates your offering to so much more than the massages I've enjoyed over the past 20 years.  You have a gift.


Jeffery Goodstein

About Ayurveda Consultation

The combination of Andhrika's ayurvedic consults, targeted massage therapy and yoga classes have shifted my body from having significant health issues into healing mode. I am so very excited to have discovered this philosophy of natural healing and to have found a teacher whose knowledge is so comprehensive and caring.


Her expert knowledge of my individual body type requirements, understanding of my health issues and specifically directed treatments have improved my quality of life by increasing my mobility, core strength, ability to manage stress and soothing digestive issues.




I would like to thank Andhrika for her soothing and healing massages. I often suffer from higher stress/anxiety and poor sleep. I have found head and back Ayurvedic massages to be healing both physically and mentally. I am able to leave our session with a renewed sense of peace and relaxation. The head massages have also been beneficial to my hair. It has not been this thick, shiny, and healthy in years. She has a great understanding of my specific needs and expert knowledge of her craft. I am very grateful to her.

Beth Zirkle


About Yoga Classes


Andhrika's yoga classes are unique in their approach with the focus on mind-body connection and emphasis on breathing techniques and stress management. Each class is adjusted to adapt to the needs of the individual students while ensuring that everyone benefits. Andhrika enriches the classes by bringing both historical and cultural context to techniques that we are learning. But most of all, I appreciate the sheer joy with which she teaches her classes. We always end up having a good laugh and feeling connected. The deep relaxation practice at the end of each class leaves me feeling calm, yet refreshed and energized.


I didn't realize that I was a shallow breather and over time these lessons have greatly expanded my lung capacity and ability to focus deeply. I am grateful to have learned that self care can be so much fun and easy to incorporate into my daily routine."

Sally  P




I feel deeply grateful and fortunate to study with someone that comes from the birthplace of modern day yoga-India. Something in that feels original and authentic to me. Andhrika openly shares knowledge passed down from her teachers in a welcoming and attainable manner. Through the breathing exercises we practice in class, I have noticed in a short time, increased lung capacity, and a deeper sense of peace and awareness. I have great respect and love for Andhrika as a teacher.

Tallulah Gabriel